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Exhibitor spotlight: Berlin Walls Gallery

Meet the man who sold his home to buy the life’s work of an artist he admired. Simon Hearnden, who is a first time exhibitor with Classic Antique Fairs has booked a stand at the NEC for July describing it as his ‘local fair.’


Simon says he has always been a collector but his life changed after he stumbled across a print in a market while living in the City. A graphic designer himself, Simon was captivated by the work of Berlin artist Walter Lindner who was born in 1936 and trained as a graphic designer and illustrator. Simon began to seek out more or his monotypes and eventually met him. Sadly Walter died soon afterwards. Simon attended his funeral where he spoke to his widow who agreed he could buy Walter’s studio and take on his legacy. It cost him his house!


Well regarded in Berlin, Walter was once little known outside the City but he is becoming more widely recognised and collectable. His style, use of materials and subject matter make for eye-catching pieces likely to appeal to people who want something different. Simon has since given up his day job to concentrate on collecting, curating and selling art. He has kept his focus on German works from both sides of the former divide. With a wry play on words, he calls his business Berlin Walls Gallery.


Another favoured artist of his is painter and dancer Alexander Camaro who died in 1992. He had been banned from exhibiting his ‘degenerate’ paintings by the Nazis but by 1951 was professor of painting at the Berlin University of the Arts where he almost certainly taught Walter Lindner.


Berlin Walls
‘Harlequin trio’ by Walter Lindner (framed) from Berlin Walls Gallery

Image: ‘Harlequin trio’, an original 1981 monotype by Walter Lindner (framed), with added gold leaf, 30cms x 40cms from Berlin Walls Gallery.



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